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01 August

Sherlock Holmes Baffled

The body of a 45 year old man was found in a car on wasteland in Surrey.

I genuinely never thought I'd see the day. Sherlock is BAFFLED! He hasn't got a clue! He's flummoxed! He's bamboozled!

He's stuck.

As you know, there was a plane crash the other day, just outside Dusseldorf. Everyone died. Obviously, it's a real tragedy but there's something very strange about one of the passengers.

He was found in a car boot in Surrey!

According to the flight details, he was checked on board. They found the stub of his boarding pass and napkins etc on his body. His passport has been stamped in Berlin Airport. He should have died in the plane crash. But he didn't.

He was in a car boot. In Surrey.

Obviously, I haven't got a clue but neither does Sherlock. He just can't work it out. It's actually and literally impossible.

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