A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson writes about Sherlock's encounter with The Woman

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12th March

The Woman

I can't say much about the actual case because of the Official Secrets Act but the country was nearly brought to its knees by one person - Irene Adler. She's now under a witness protection scheme so we'll not be seeing her again. And Sherlock seems fine with that.

Of course, he isn't fine with it, not really. But he'll get there.


Really, John, what's the point in this post? If you can't detail what happened in a case because of some ridiculous law thing then why bother?

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 11:32

It adds context. Gives people an idea about the real you.

John Watson 12 March 11:35

How does it? And why should people want to know the real me? What's the point?!

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 11:37

Are you two writing messages to each other when you're in the same room?

Mrs Hudson 12 March 11:40

And where are you Mrs H?

John Watson 12 March 11:45

Downstairs :) (That's a happy face by the way)

Mrs Hudson 12 March 11:46

Are we really doing this?

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 11:48

It's all very clever isn't it! Do you think in the future people will stop talking to each other face to face?

Mrs Hudson 12 March 11:50

That's something to live and hope for.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 11:55

I'm starving. Anyone fancy going out for brunch?

John Watson 12 March 11:57

Brunch!! Fancy!!

Mrs Hudson 12 March 11:58

Can't be bothered. Bring some food up, Mrs Hudson.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:01

I'm not your housekeeper!

Mrs Hudson 12 March 12:02

But you've just come back from the cafe which means you've lots of cakes you won't eat.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:04

That was going to be a surprise!!

Mrs Hudson 12 March 12:05

Well, stop typing and surprise us!

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:07

Sorry, Mrs Hudson. John's given me a look. Apparently that was rude.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:09

Please, Mrs Hudson. I'd really love some... brunch.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:13

It's lunchtime now. We missed brunch.

John Watson 12 March 12:17

This is incredibly tedious. Is this how you people talk to each other? What next, the weather?

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 12:25

Thanks for lunch, Mrs H. Hope you got back downstairs okay!

John Watson 12 March 13:28

I can still manage stairs even with my hip! Look outside I think it's going to rain.

Mrs Hudson 12 March 13:30

John, fetch me my revolver.

Sherlock Holmes 12 March 13:32

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