A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson writes a blog after his return from Afghanistan

23rd March

Diamonds are forever

Except they're not. No story here because Sherlock decided not to take the case. Apparently a missing diamond isn't 'interesting' enough.

Still, we discovered a body today so that's something for him to get excited about.


Where have I heard that phrase before? Diamonds are forever?

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 17:08

James Bond. You have heard of James Bond?

John Watson 23 March 18:02

I've heard of him, yes.

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 18:04

You haven't seen one, have you? Right, we're having a Bond night.

John Watson 23 March 18:06

It's nice to have something to look forward to.

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 18:09

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Sherlock.

John Watson 23 March 18:14

That's demonstrably untrue. That clip of a cat falling off a shelf for example. The one you insisted on watching twelve times.

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 18:16

That WAS funny. Anyway, why are you writing on my blog when you're sat downstairs?!

John Watson 23 March 18:20

I. AM. BORED. And I'm wondering what temperature I'd need to create to blow up your cans of beer...

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 18:23

OK OK I'm coming down.

John Watson 23 March 18:24

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