A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson writes about becoming an internet phenomenon

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12 August

Hat-Man and Robin

We've been so busy over the last few months that I haven't had time to write up most of our cases but this hasn't stopped us becoming an Internet phenomenon. We've even made the papers!

Pictures of newspapers covering the story of how Sherlock and Dr John Watson became a net phenomenon

Sherlock is NOT amused.


Fame at last, eh John?

Bill Murray 12 August 21:54

I'll be signing photos later.

John Watson 12 August 21:56


Harry Watson 12 August 23:59

I'm on my way round now, Harry.

John Watson 13 August 00:03

sorry :(

Harry Watson 13 August 00:06

I don't suppose you fancy giving an interview?

Kym Ashman 14 August 06:54

You don't suppose correctly.

Sherlock Holmes 14 August 07:32

What about my husband?

Siobhan Whelan 14 August 09:34

He died. End of story.

Sherlock Holmes 14 August 10:22

Thanks for nothing.

Siobhan Whelan 14 August 10:24

I'm sure he tried his best. He always does.

Molly Hooper 14 August 12:31

You okay, Molly? Haven't heard from you in a while.

John Watson 14 August 12:36

Sorry, I've been busy. I'm okay now.

Molly Hooper 14 August 13:01

I've got all these reports for my scrapbook!!

Jacob Sowersby 14 August 16:32


theimprobableone 14 August 18:13


Jacob Sowersby 14 August 18:23

SEE!!! The power of the media!!!

C Melas 14 August 23:18

My paper will pay upwards of £5000 for an interview.

James Unsworth 15 August 12:17

Still not interested.

Sherlock Holmes 15 August 12:17

You look so lovely in that hat!

Marie Turner 16 August 13:00

It's Mrs Hudson by the way.

Marie Turner 16 August 13:02

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