A character in BBC One drama, Sherlock, Dr John Watson writes a quick update about where he's been

1st May

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't posted much recently. We've had a few cases which I'll write up when I get chance. Think I needed a break from it all really. That whole business in the swimming pool... I just needed to get away from guns and bombs and maniacs. Went to see an old mate in New Zealand for a couple of weeks. Sarah came too but we broke up shortly afterwards. Not sure my life with Sherlock is compatible with long-term relationships.

More news soon.


Sorry to hear that. Drinks soon?

Bill Murray 02 May 10:11

Yeah, good plan!

John Watson 02 May 10:26

Shame. She seemed nice. Did you get my text this morning?

Harry Watson 02 May 13:46

Yeah, sorry, Sherlock nicked my phone. Really proud of you. Please keep it up.

John Watson 02 May 13:50

Will do x

Harry Watson 02 May 13:52

Sorry to hear that, John. Chin up!

Mike Stamford 02 May 15:12

You never told me about Sarah.

Sherlock Holmes 02 May 15:17

You never even noticed I'd been to New Zealand.

John Watson 02 May 14:46

I went shopping earlier. There's some cans of beer in the fridge. Next to the feet.

Sherlock Holmes 02 May 16:50


John Watson 02 May 16:46

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