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23rd March

A rant

Do you know what I hate? Those unmanned checkout machines. They're there to 'save time' but they don't. They clearly don't. Nobody can use them. Staff have to come over and help. How do they save time?


Ooh, can I play? I can't stand those people who only decide what they want to drink when they get to the bar. Decide beforehand! Grr!! I'm trying to think of other things now!

Harry Watson 23 March 18:01

Covent Garden tube station. Those bloody lifts take ages.

Mike Stamford 23 March 18:04

This new lipstick I brought. Because the colour on the packaging doesn't match what's inside at all! I should have listened to Connie Prince . Never buy cheap!

Molly Hooper 23 March 19:06

Sword marks on my furniture!

Marie Turner 23 March 19:07

It's Mrs Hudson again by the way.

Marie Turner 23 March 19:08


theimprobableone 23 March 20:01


sallydonovan 23 March 20:02

The crushing tedium of boring people with their boring everyday grievances.

Sherlock Holmes 23 March 20:20


Anonymous 23 March 22:45

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